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Newmont Watch is legally registered at Department of Justice as a non-profit organization. Board Members is the supreme board within Newmont Watch’s organizational structure. 

The Board members, in some cases are active member of other NGO, are responsible solely to Newmont Watch and will not, in their governance capacity, represent specific organizational or political interests. Only a few of Board members are residing in Mataram, but every six-month they hold a full members meeting.


Expert Advisory Committee established to support performance of the executive staff. It consists of expert from various background and expertise with proven track records in their specialization. Some of the committee members are working with PT. Newmont Nusa Tenggara and the local government, however we confidence with their commitments and objectives in sharing our mission. It provides technical consultation, methodology and specific regulation to ensure the validity of research and investigation performed by the staff.


The Newmont Watch office is operated by an Executive Director, a Managing Director, a General Secretary, a Finance Manager, a Campaign Outreach & Information Manager, a Research Manager, an Investigation Manager, an Advocacy and Litigation Manager, an Office Manager and other part-time staff and volunteers.

* Executive Director: Bambang Hoesni MA, responsible for succesful implementation of programs and works with others staff on advocacy, litigacy, media relations, campaign planning and program development. Representing Newmont Watch’s perspectives in meetings, presentations and negotiation as required.

* Managing Director: Ir. HM Devar Yani, responsible for management of policies and programs, human resources and and fund-raising.

* General Secretary: Drs. Malik Kurniawan, responible for secretarial affairs, works closely with the directors and represents the directors as required.

* Finance Manager: Sri R. Jatmiko SE, responsible for financial affairs and book keeping.

* Campaign Outreach & Information Manager: Dra. Bella Francisca , responsible in providing strategic support and advice for campaign, consultation and negotiation endeavors. Assists to design communication plans and media, and implements information management systems. Maintains research files on regulatory, technical and strategic issues related to mining, social and environment impacts.

* Research Manager: Ir. Gusti Hardiansyah MSc, responsible to work closely with expert advisory committee and investigation manager to ensure the accuracy, focus and timeliness of Newmont Watch information resources and research efforts. Tasks include monitoring government and and PT. Newmont Nusa Tenggara policies and practices, preparing and/or coordinating written briefs and submissions as required.

* Investigation Manager: Anwar Arifin SH, responsible to investigate any allegation and information concerning misconduct of PT. Newmont Nusa Tenggara before approving further action to the Advocacy and Litigation Manager. Investigation Manager has to work closely with expert advisory committee and research manager in performing investigation and has to prepare written briefs and submissions as required.

* Advocacy and Litigation Manager: Prahara Yudha SH, representing Newmont Watch and it’s clients in any legal actions. Supporting participation of Newmont Watch members, associates and clients in consultations and negotiations. Working closely with the directors and investigation manager in conducting lawsuits.

* Office Manager: Drs. Eka Putra MBA, responsible in daily office operational and staff. Coordinating duties and distribution of part-time staff and volunteers.


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