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DAWN WATCH   mission is to collect, organized and disseminate information about the Dawn Mining Company's (owned by Newmont Mining Corp) reclamation of their defuct uranium mill in Washington State.

PHELPS DODGE WATCH   is from the Good Neighbor Project. It tracks the activities of the Phelps Dodge Corporation, a multinational mining conglomerate that is one of the world's largest producers of copper. 

PROJECT UNDERGROUND   is an environmental justice and human rights group that supports communities facing mining, oil and gas activities. 

MINING IMPACT COALITION   is the international organization of Mining Impact Coalition of Wisconsin, formed to educate people, conduct research, and facilitate communication about the social, economic, and environmental impacts of unsafe mining and sustainable use of the world's mineral resources. 

FRIENDS OF THE EARTH   is the organization who launched the "Dark Legacy of Mining" Campaign. It aims to educate the public about mining's negative impacts, facilitate discussion, and develop an action plan that will help tackle mining issues, protecting and restoring the environment in the process.  

COROMANDEL WATCHDOG   is a conservation group committed to ensuring the protection of the beautiful land and coast of Coromandel (Hauraki) [New Zealand] from hard-rock mining.  

ASHTON COURT QUARRY CAMPAIGN   is a grassroots organization fighting Australian company Pioneer Aggregates' plan to expand its Durnford Quarry into 20 acres of a public park on the edge of Bristol, U.K. 

COALITION FOR AMAZONIAN PEOPLE AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT    is an alliance between indigenous and traditional peoples of the Amazon and 45 organizations who share their concerns for the environment and peoples of the Amazon. 

GREATER YELLOWSTONE COALITION   is the organization who ended a long battle against Noranda's New World gold mine that was proposed for the edge of Yellowstone National Park. The Clinton Administration recently made a deal with Noranda to cancel the project. 

SIERRA CLUB POLICY: COAL MINING. Sierra Club Board of Directors adopted a policy on coal mining, stating that such mining "as caused and continues to cause serious and extensive environmental damage."

WESTERN ENVIRONMENTAL LAW CENTERL   is a nonprofit regional public interest law firm representing citizens who wish to enforce federal environmental laws. 

CLARK FORK-PEND OREILLE COALITION   is a coalition group monitoring  the Blackfoot Mine and the Rock Creek Mine in Western Montana and Northern Idaho.

COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ORGANIZATION   is a research organization providing reports on  serious and dangerous situation of acid mine drainage.

DINEH ALLIANCE   is the Dineh's organization which involved  in a longstanding battles against Peabody Coal and the U.S. government to protect their sacred lands in the Big Mountain area of the Southwest.

EARTH WINS   is an organization dedicated to helping stop the proposed Exxon/Rio Algom Crandon mine, sulfide mining in the Great Lakes & Mississippi Watersheds, and unsafe mining around the world.

FOREST WATER ALLIANCE   is a coalition of 21 citizen groups working on protecting the watersheds of western Oregon and Washington and Northern California. 

GLOBAL FOREST WATCH  is a forest conservation group providing  accurate, timely and comprehensive information on logging, mining and other forest development activities taking place within and around frontier forests as or before it happens.

JEMEZ HOMEOWNER ALLIANCE  is an alliance that stand in the front line of defense  protect the  Jemez National Recreation Area and the community  in New Mexico from the adverse impacts of  mining activity.

MINERAL POLICY CENTER   is a small national non-profit environmental organization dedicated to cleaning up the environmental problems caused by mining and onshore oil development, and to preventing new ones.

MINERAL POLICY INSTITUTE   is an Australian group dedicated solely to researching and campaigning on mining issues. (If this link doesn't work, try this one.) They conduct research, collate information, produce company profiles, and campaign for improved management of the minerals sector. 

NASHVILLE WISCONSIN UNDER SIEGE   is a movement of the citizens of Nashville Wisconsin, population 975 which includes the Mole Lake Sokaogon Chippewa community, feel so threatened by the proposed Crandon mine that they're asking the world for help. The town has set up a web site to raise funds for a lawsuit to overturn a local agreement made with Rio Algom/Nicolet Minerals Company.

MINING EXCHANGE  is an international email listserv dedicated to helping people who resist unsafe mining in their neighborhoods share information about their strategies, mining, and mining corporations. To subscribe to Mining-exchange: send an email message to: with message: subscribe mining-exchange.

MIDWEST TREATY NETWORKS  is a website that focuses on issues of significance to Native American groups in the midwestern U.S., including a wealth of information about Exxon's Crandon Mine in Wisconsin (including detailed maps) and about the Chippewa blockade of trains carrying sulfuric acid to a mine.

NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION'S "MINE OF THE MONTH"  website features information for activists about a different mine each month.

NOTICIAS MINERAS  is an organization who offers Chilean mining news in both Spanish and English, including daily and weekly summaries of Chilean newspaper stories.

CHIPNEWS   is part of the Chile Information Project, and includes six years of searchable stories on mining and other environmental issues relevant to Chile. 

MAGNOLA PROJECT   is a magnesium mining project in Quebec, Canada. The website is somewhat enigmatic as to who is sponsoring it. There are links to "Environment"; "Greenpeace interventions"; "Health"; "Magnesium"; "Press"; "Quebec Government"; and Noranda.

MENOMINEE NATION TREATY RIGHTS & MINING IMPACT web site includes information about the proposed Exxon/Crandon mine in Wisconsin. This site documents the severe environmental impacts that would be caused by this project, which would mine one of the largest zinc/copper deposits in North America.

MINING LAW EDUCATION PROJECT   is a program dedicated to educating the public about hard-rock mining's enviornmental, fiscal, and social impacts, and how the 1872 Mining Law promotes or directly causes many of these impacts.


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