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Our library contains of three main subjects:

Scientific and Technical information

Legal information

Mining Company information

Serach Engines



Australian Best Practice Environmental Management in Mining is a page set up by the Australian Environmental Protection Group with information about the status of EPG's "best practice environmental management" for mining. It has information about free booklets that are available on such subjects on "mine planning for environment protection," "environmental impact assessment," and "tailings containment," with an on-line order form.

Earth/Geoscience Information on the WWW: a database of geology links, maintained by the Illinois Geological Survey.

Earth Science Journals is a searchable website with over 350 links to the websites of earth science journals, indexed by such categories as hydrology, mineralogy, soil science, geochemistry, geomorphology, and so on. For each journal, the website indicates whether it offers abstracts or full articles online, author index, search engine, or table of contents.

Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Software Directory includes details of several hundred software programs, publishers, and suppliers in the fields of hydrogeology, geo-environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, data analysis and data visualization, as well as links to related sites.

How to find out in Chemical and Process Engineering includes information on how to make a literature search, lists of encyclopedias, guidebooks, and periodicals, and how to find articles online. Its target audience is students at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, but there is good general information here.

Map Cruzin, assembled by Michael R. Meuser, an environmental sociologist, contains information and resources which have been collected over the last two years on toxic maps across the U.S., a searchable right-to-know database, currant right-to-know and sustainability news, mapping ideas and resources, and more.

Rio Sul Ambiental Ltda. is a Brazilian company that specializes in recovering mercury from contaminated wastes and rivers. They have a good summary in English and Portuguese of the dangers of mercury and its connection to mining.

University of Arizona's Mining Library Reference Guide is a bibliography of sources of information on mining and mining engineering.

University of British Columbia Mineral Deposit Research Unit includes abstracts of the Unit's current research projects, including "Copper-Gold Porphyry Systems of B.C."

Water and Geology Links is a web page offering many links to web sites relating to groundwater and hydrogeology issues. Includes links to sites with software.

Wetlands for Treatment of Mine Drainage gives some information about this process as well as about acid mine drainage, links to a couple of relevant studies, and promises to update the site as the author of the site conducts further review of information about it.



Georgians for Pure Water has a site with "Resources on Government and Regulations Related to Mining and the Environment," which has links to a wide variety of federal, state, and local laws relevant to mining.

BLM's 3809 Hard rock mining regulations: Mineral Policy Center has created a good resource with background information on the regulations that govern hard rock mining on BLM lands.

Butterworth's catalog of books on environmental law in the British Commonwealth. The main point seems to be to get you interested in buying the actual looseleaf services, but there is a smidgen of topical info that's searchable, which may be of help in narrowing down what legal information is available.

Eastlaw contains numerous tools for legal research on the Web. There are sections on environmental law, general law, and "Internet Law." You can try it out for thirty days for free by visiting their site and registering; after that it costs money to subscribe. The site includes not only sources for federal rules and regulations, but also EPA reporting data and state and international laws.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations (40 C.F.R.) is a searchable database; or you can browse within each subchapter (e.g. "Water Programs," "Solid Wastes").

Federal Register Environmental Subset allows you to search for a particular word or phrase using a WAIS query. To search for a phrase, use single quotes (e.g. 'cyanide heap leach'). Acceptable operators include AND, OR, NOT, and ADJ.

FOIA documents is a gopher database containing files which are helpful for citizens attempting to obtain government documents via the Freedom of Information Act. For example, it contains the "Citizens' Guide to FOIA," the text of FOIA, and the Clinton Administration's FOIA policy directive.

GPO Gate is a "gate" to a huge variety of government documents and is fully searchable. It gives you access to the U.S. Code (statutes); the text and history of federal bills introduced in Congress since 1994; Congressional Reports and other documents from the 104th Congress; the Congressional Record since 1994; Department of the Interior reports; Federal Register since 1994; GAO Reports; and the FY 1997 federal budget; among other things.

Georgia Surface Mining Act is available in PDF format and in HTML format from the webpage of the group Georgians for Pure Water.

Idaho State Home Page includes a searchable database of state Constitution, statutes, administrative rules, and current legislation.

Idaho Dept. of Lands regulations site includes the state regs governing: dredge and placer mining explorati on and surface mining riverbed mineral leasing

Idaho waste management and pollution rules includes the state regs governing: ore processing by cyanidization, hazardous waste, water quality standards, solid waste management, groundwater quality

Idaho Department of Water Resources Administrative Rules includes all water-related state rules categorized by section, including the Comprehensive State Water Plan Rules.

Minerals Management Service, U.S. Dept. of Interior - the "Reading Room and Publications" section of their webpage includes Dept. of Interior policies; MMS Manuals; "Royalty Management - Legal, Technical and Statistical Information"; and "Laws, Regulations and Memoranda of Understanding."

NEPA regulations (40 C.F.R.) is a searchable database of the Council on Environmental Quality's regulations for the government's preparation of Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Assessments.

Nevada Department of Business and Industry, Division of Minerals includes a button for "regulations," which does not have full text of rules but does have online descriptions of permits required for mining.

U.S. Code Title 30 is a gopher database containing the U.S. statutes governing mining and minerals. The Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA) is found at 30 U.S.C., Chapter 25 (30 U.S.C. sections 1201 and following). To search the table of contents for SMCRA, click here. Once you've found a particular section of SMCRA (or other parts of Title 30) you wish to review, click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph. To review the citizen suit provision of SMCRA, click here.

U.S. Code Title 33 is a gopher database containing the U.S. statutes governing so-called "navigable waters." This is where the Clean Water Act is located, in sections 1251 through 1387.

U.S. Code of Federal Regulations - Find a CFR cite if you know the exact citation. This website, run by the U.S. House of Representatives, also offers a word search function.

U.S. Dept. of Interior regulations, C.F.R. Title 43. This is a searchable database, and includes the Bureau of Land Management's mining regulations.

Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining's mining information page includes state mining rules, downloadable in WordPerfect format, for coal mining and non-coal mining.

West Coast Environmental Law's "Environmental Legal Information Base" includes a summary of environmental laws in North America governing mining, broken down by Canada, Mexico, and the United States. This summary includes "Institutions with Authority over Mining"; "Exploration and Development of Mines"; "Regulation of Mining Wastes"; "Reclamation of Mines"; "Mining Rights on Public Lands"; and "Legal Instruments."



Asarco Mining Co. 

Australian Gold Mining and Exploration Companies Database is currently being set up, and will include information extracted from annual reports.

Burkhart Mining Society is a site that is oriented towards students and alumni of Virginia Tech's mining engineering department. It includes job postings and student resumes, and proclaims that "mining is a sustainable activity that provides the basic raw materials required by civilization. The Burkhart Mining Society represents the largest single group of future mining engineers in the United States."

Cambior Mining Co. 

Cyprus Amax Mining Co. 

ENVIROMINE is a sub-site of "Info-mine," listed below. It has info "that pertains to environmental issues at mine sites," including case histories of mine reclamation; progress in environmental research at mine sites (short publications); technical guidelines and codes of practices; dust control; careers in environmental engineering/scienes; and links to related websites.

F.J. Sweetman's web page has links to Australian mining web sites, including three mining companies' pages, and the pages for many Australian mining organizations and mining supply sources. It also has a few international links and miscellaneous links.

Freeport-McMoRan Mining Co. 

Geomine provides some original resources and links related to mineral exploration.

Goldsheet purports to be the "World's best collection of mining related sites." It primarily is oriented towards mine investors and the industry in general, but also contains an environmental section. It includes a download-able spreadsheet covering 400 mining stocks. Contains 1100 links, including over 250 mining companies' web pages.

Haber Science website, according to an email from Bob Kuehn, has information on "a gold extraction process that eliminates cyanide with non-hazardous chemicals. The process, developed by a distinguished chemist, is faster, less expensive and able to extract a higher percentage of gold than cyanide. And of course it is much safer." We haven't checked out this site ourselves to check those claims - enter at your own risk.

Hanover Gold is a "focussed gold exploration company" exploring lands in the Virginia City Mining District of Montana. Their page also has links to other mining websites.

Hecla Mining Company's home page includes a corporate profile, financial information, information on production and reserves, plants and properties, environmental activities, directors and management, and shareholders.

INFO-MINE, a commercial site geared to the mining industry and investors. Although registration appears to be required for full access, there is a great deal of information available here without registration, much of it updated daily. Maintained by Robertson Info-Data, Inc. (Canada)

MineNet is a self-described "electronic trade show/scientific meeting" on the mining industry. This is another commercial site, highly informative, with links to political, industry, and geophysical resources related to mining. Note "The Touchstone", a link to "intriguing and out of the way mining sites on the Internet," and links related to mining companies. Maintained by Tensor Technologies. (United States)

Mining Business Digest is in its 10th year of "supplying reliable and timely information to the mining industry." The online information includes mining company profiles, mining and exploration news, industry trends and research. A sample online copy is free; subscriptions cost money. Mining company profiles are $10 for each company, but we haven't checked these out to see how in-depth they are.

Mining Services Directory is a page full of several hundred mining- related links, mostly of interest to the mining industry, but many which may help activists in their mining-related work. Categories of links include companies, institutions and associations, government entities, university/education links, and "miscellaneous." Anyone with a mining-related link is welcomed to add their link using a form on the screen. There is also a Mining Forum with a search function.

National Mining Association "represents the mining industry, and mining equipment manufacturers and other mining-related businesses throughout the United States." Includes such interesting items as "Sierra Club criticized for misleading teachers"; "Peabody realigns structure following purchase"; and "NMA questions portions of BIA's tribal self-governance rule."

Newmont Mining Corporation home page includes information about and news from the company's geophysics and geology departments.

The Northern Miner is the home page of "North America's Mining Newspaper," established in 1915. This is a weekly newspaper covering the activities of North American-based mining companies, including exploration results, onsite reports, company profiles, complete mining stock table listings, and so on. Their Web site allows you to subscribe to the online version, and includes the top stories and headlines from the current issue for free. It also includes links to other sites.

Paydirt Online incorporates the "best of" two monthly hard-copy mining industry magazines: Paydirt and The Gold Mining Journal. It "includes news briefs, professional and technical services directories, as well as information on books about the resource sector." It has a link to webpages for the Australian Mines Handbook, the World Diamond Conference, Features on various mining companies, directory of mining and petroleum companies, professional directory, technical services directory, and industry and related information websites.

Phelps Dodge Mining Co. 

Placer Dome Mining Company.

Placer Dome news stories on Canada NewsWire.

Rio Algom Mining Co..

Rock and Mineral Web Page List of Mining Companies inlcudes links to the web pages of mining companies throughout the world. It does not appear to be comprehensive, but a good starting place if you're looking for company-specific information.

Rockpecker Notes is a website that is apparently aimed at mining prospectors. It has links with the intriguing titles "Endangered Species: Is it good science?" and "Environmental Concerns: Action and reaction." It also has information on various mineral ore theories, groundwater, and geology; U.S. mining laws; goldpanning; identification of ores; and protecting yourself from mining scams; and the economics of mineral wealth.

Summo Minerals Corp. webpage has copper news, "Today's Comex Copper Price," "NYMEX," a corporate profile, news releases, investment information, financial statements, and "Request Information."

Web Technology's Mining Products and Services page includes company brochures and catalogs.




The Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory! purports to be "Earth's Biggest Environmental Search Engine." It contains links to environmental websites sorted by category and searchable.

Mining Environmental Database allows for free searches of journals, books, and government reports on mining, with a particular focus on abandoned mine lands, acid mine drainage, and reclamation.








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